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Clubs, Forums, Networking - Lesson 6

Developing online groups or clubs is a wonderful way of making a profit. I am sure you would have heard of CD clubs. There are many music clubs that charge you a small fee to join. They then send you a CD every month for you to sample. There are a lot of similar clubs that send you regular updates, information or resources. If you were to charge a small fee for subscription and a small fee for a product that you send out every month to your customers, you will automatically be generating a passive income.

It takes time and careful planning to develop a good club and it may not happen overnight. Firstly you will need a product and then you will need to find the people who want that product on a regular basis.

Your product needs to be something that you are knowledgeable about. It can be anything as long as there is a need or a want for your information and this information will add value to people's lives.

The aim is to find a niche market. You will need to conduct a competitive analysis, see what is currently in the marketplace, know your competition, establish the price range, understand who your competition is targeting, know their marketing approach, etc.

The aim of your club should be to share information with your club members that will keep them coming back. Share with them the "insider secrets, techniques, and strategies" that will help them achieve better results.

A good idea is to start your clubs or introductions with free trial versions of your product. Most people will not sign up for a monthly club membership until they have seen the potential benefits.